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Re: Connecting remotely to my home computer

Does the DSL Modem or your firewall get assigned the external IP?

DSL Modem gets the external IP. But I also found in the web-based modem configuration utility that all I need to do is click one check box to enable NATing of incoming SSH requests. It just works.

> 3.  How do I keep my DHCP IP (my ISP does not offer static IP for
> residential customers) fairly constant, over say a period of a day or two? > Do I need to setup a cron job to send traiffic out (like a ping) every few
> minutes to keep the connection active?  If so, how do I setup a cron job
> (I've never actually had to do that before)?

Not really necessary provided your firewall gets the external IP your
looking for.  If it does, you can use a dynamic dns updater like
ddclient, ez-ipupdate, or ipcheck to update your IP with an external DNS

The modem has two options for connection type: "Always On," and "On Demand" (I had been useing "On Demand" before. Is it reasonable to assume that the "Always On" option will hold on to the IP?

> 4.  How insecure is it really to enable X forwarding over SSH?  I have
> heard that it is not advisable becuase of security, but how bad is it?

AFAIK, as secure as your SSH tunnel.  It tends to be slow, forwarding
VNC over an SSH tunnel is normally faster.

I've heard of VNC, but never used it. Is there a good how to or easy way to set it up?


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