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Booting to console is a non-event 0r give me back CLI


After adding some applications that use elements of
gnome, the boot now
starts xdm directly. Prior to changes the boot started
a console, when
needed the xdm gui could be started using Alt + F7. 
I wish to reinstate that process.
So far I have found this on google, seems relevant to

¥¥¥In article <967bbl$rja$1@slb5.atl.mindspring.net>,
john calison wrote:
¥¥¥    Hi, as I said I'm new to this distro, so please
bear with me. Where
¥¥¥  or how can I change to boot into the console
instead of XDM.
¥¥¥>thanks again,
¥¥¥  1. Study the man page for 'update-rc.d'.
¥¥¥  2. Study the /etc/inittab file to see what is
your default runlevel
¥¥¥     (usually 2 in Debian)
¥¥¥  3. Use the program 'update-rc.d' to remove xdm
from the default 
¥¥¥      runlevel.
¥¥¥      For a deeper understanding, see

Taking this advice as being 'close to the mark' I need
it explained to me
how to invoke <update-rc.d> . My eforts keep bringing
on the command help
screen. I  *think*  I am being asked for a <name>
parameter, for which I
have absolutely no clue.
Looking at /etc/inittab I can see the first line that
has :2: in its syntax
so I am guessing  the instruction to the boot is run
level 2  ??
As to "debian-policy" i am unable to raise such a file
on my system.
Debian3 with 2.4.18-k6 kernel.

Then again, maybe I am seeing more into this advice
then exists?

BTW like Mr. Calison, I too am new to this so play
slow and easy =)

thanks for the space

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