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Can't access www.kde.org

Can anyone give me some clues where to look as to why I can't access
www.kde.org ?? I can reach bugs.kde.org, download.kde.org and many, many
other websites that I visit daily.

Using Opera, after a few minutes gives me a popup box that says

    Could not connect to remove server

Using Konqueror, it tells me 

    An error occured while loading »www.kde.org:[?]

    Timeout on server
    Connection was to www.kde.org at port 80

Using lynx, it tells me

    Making HTTP connection to www.kde.org
    Alert!: Unable to connect to remote host.

    lynx: Can't access startfile http://www.kde.org/

My connection is ADSL, through a Linksys router. When this same box is
booted into Windows, I can't reach the site. My wife's PC, running Win
XP, can also reach it fine. I can ssh into my Mandrake machine and
access the site using lynx.


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