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Re: bloating file system

Harland Christofferson said:
> i have a root "/" file partition that has swelled to 100% use without
> explaination. preceding this, my machine had faulty ram. i replaced  the
> ram. i do not know if this somehow caused an error in the filesystem. does
> anyone know how i may repair this bloated filesystem?

if it's ext2 I would go to single user mode and fsck the partition:

init 1
(once in single user mode)
mount / -o remount,ro

(if you have other partitions mounted you must unmount them first)

e2fsck -f /dev/DEVICE

mount / -o remount,rw
(re-mount any other filesystems you were using)
init 2

if it's not ext2, going to runlevel 1 and back again may help too,
it may be that the files are deleted but space isn't actually freed
until the process exits, going to runlevel 1 is a fast way to terminate
nearly all processes and restart them(otherwise you need to try to track
down what processes need to be killed, assuming this is the problem)

if that doesn't work then I would try to track down the problem using
du, what I do, for the major directories(/var /usr /home assuming these
are all on the root filesystem rather then on seperate filesystems):

cd /var ; find . -type d -maxdepth 1 | xargs du -s -h

do the same for the others as well, if you see something out of the
ordinary go one level deeper and run the command again.

it could be that your apt cache is just taking a lot of space this
is fairly common:

apt-get autoclean


apt-get clean

(See the manpage for details)


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