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Re: Bash autocompletion

On Thu, Apr 17, 2003 at 08:44:16PM -0700, Bill Wohler wrote:
> Dave Sherohman <esper@sherohman.org> writes:
> > So now for my own pet bash completion peeve:  Having to hit tab twice
> > when dealing with a symlink to a directory.  Can this be changed in
> > /etc/bash_completion so that symlinks to directories will behave
> > identically to real directories?

> Well, I had no idea about /etc/bash_completion. Intrigued, I hit the
> docs in /usr/share/doc/bash and saw this in README.Debian.gz which may
> or may not answer your question above:

> 	   set mark-symlinked-directories on

There's always one place you didn't look...  That took care of it.

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