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Re: Connecting remotely to my home computer

On Tue, Apr 15, 2003 at 07:09:35PM -0400, Roberto Sanchez wrote:
> This has probably been asled before, but have taken interest in being able 
> to connect to my machine from a remote location.
> 3.  How do I keep my DHCP IP (my ISP does not offer static IP for 
> residential customers) fairly constant, over say a period of a day or two?  
> Do I need to setup a cron job to send traiffic out (like a ping) every few 
> minutes to keep the connection active?  If so, how do I setup a cron job 
> (I've never actually had to do that before)?
i would use a dynamic dns service such as dyndns.org which gives you a
domain name. You then run a small client on your machine which updates
the dns records @dyndns when your ip changes, this way you only need to
remeber your domain, not an ip.

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