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Bind 9 has problems quitting

Here's my problem. I was messing with bind 9 so that it would become at least a caching server and provide names for internal machines, but whenever I invoke /etc/init.d/bind9 stop, it gives me this message:
namedrndc: connect failed: connection refused
I suppose the named got tacked on by the script.
I did chroot bind9 following the guide, but I kept the db.* and named.conf and rndc.key at /etc/bind in the chroot jail. It seems that it does work, and it does provide caching (pages from the same site does load faster because it doesn't have to ask outside DNS about the ips), but I'm a bit baffled about the message when it quits. I also tried to look around on the internet about the issue, but nothing siginificant other than I don't have rndc.conf lying around.

Please help for this bind9 n00b ;)


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