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Re: Can't access www.kde.org


Am Sam, 2003-04-26 um 04.24 schrieb Hall Stevenson:
> Can anyone give me some clues where to look as to why I can't access
> www.kde.org ?? I can reach bugs.kde.org, download.kde.org and many, many
> other websites that I visit daily.

Maybe you use a protocol that exceeds size of normal tcp-pakets. That
happens i.e. if you use german dsl over a router and want to look at
sites behind blackhole routers.

Can you look at gmx.de? If I am right you can not. But you can look at
my site, gesindel.de? If yes, then search the web for "clamping" and
"MTU". Your tcp-packets are too big and some routers can not handle


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