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Re: Bash autocompletion

Cameron Hutchison wrote:

>> Bash autocompletion hasn't changed in years.
> He is referring to /etc/bash_completion, which does intelligent
> auto-completion for various commands. Unfortunately it's not all that
> intelligent sometimes and limits what you can do instead of helping
> you.
> Michael, I dont know of any solution - I wish I did because I have the
> same sort of problems occasionally. It's almost enough for me to turn
> it off (except the dpkg/apt-get completions are really useful).

I used to use tcsh on Solaris when I was at Nortel.  The completion on that
was very cool indeed, I never learnt the syntax but I used to use dotfile to
generate my .tcshrc.  It also had vi command-line editing.  :-)

I'd like to use it on Linux actually but haven't got round to it yet.


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