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[no subject] "bad cookies" in ayttm and MSN connection "Can't open initial console" "makeobj" wrapper script -- how to use it? Re: "makeobj" wrapper script -- how to use it? -- Solved "Right" way to add devices at boot for udev? "You have new mail" and maildir $PATH problem 'ndtpd' won't install .. (Fwd) [kde-linux] Strange Konqueror problem Re: (Fwd) Re: FTP authentification issue (SLIGHTLY OT): PC speaker not working with kernel (SOLVED) Re: Ethereal - Assertion Failed when starting (Sid) (Waaaay OT) Re: EU Software Patents directive rejected! **VIRUS FOUND MAIL REJECTED** Good day **VIRUS FOUND MAIL REJECTED** Status ..last mirror update was a week ago, what's going on??? .torrent clients sugestions /dev/log /dev/mouse disappears !! Re: /dev/mouse disappears !! [SOLVED] /etc/network/if-post-up.d/ scripts are not executed Re: /etc/network/if-post-up.d/ scripts are not executed (SOLVED) /etc/network/interfaces for ppp connection /home too small 1st CD of Sarge: KDE and Gnome? 2 monitors on Nvidia GeForce 5700LE using 2 SCSI Controllers 2 sounds cards in GNOME 2.4.x to 2.6.y kernel 2.6 kernel beating up the IDE controller on DMA test and requests. 2.6.11 and udev 2.6.11 kernel in sarge? 32 or 64 Re: 3d accel and agpgart Re: 4x SATA Ports via Marvell Controller etc Re:Computer Consumables nvidia kernel + AMD processor = problems with sound & tv tuner Re: nvidia kernel + AMD processor = problems with sound & tv tuner Re: Suggestions for a CUPS Client HOWTO?? unsubscribe verbose³ example Re: verbose³ example Re: verbose³ example Problem with Adaptec SCSI RAID 2130SLP on x86 Re[8]: Лексика Маркетинга Переговоров Продаж Финансы другое для всех - ЭТО ЖИЗНЬ! Jungkunz Re[6]: Позвони мне пожайлуйста... Ditrihs Re: [BackupPC-users] OT: Archives nearly useless? (Google doing evil?) Re: [BackupPC-users] Re: OT: Archives nearly useless? (Google doing evil?) Re: [BackupPC-users] Separate subnet no pring Re: [Bulk] Re: Sound and Video Problems still with my T3985 Desktop PC Re: [debian] Test3 Re: [Detente] Fw: TR: Le prix des carburants, une honte Re: [Detente] Fw: TR: Le prix des carburants, une honte [Error] Kernel Module : No kernel module build environment [Fwd: alsa_problem under kernel 2.6.8-2-686/etch] [Fwd: copy-ing an image.iso from a dvd: how to?] [Fwd: Re: Browsers get stuck on some websites.] [ Re: ALSA: no sound, no error!] [ Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender] [OT] - UPS APC [OT] Apple will run on IBM compatible Intel pcs [OT] Attn. All GMAIL users [OT] forcing updated key info into hkp:// [OT] Good book about GNU/Linux structure [OT] linking table of contents in a dvi file [OT] Need advice on building a Storage Server Re: [PMX:####] [PMX:VIRUS] Returned mail: see transcript for details Re: [sane-devel] Scanner Woes (Primax USB 0x0461:0x0371 Realtek RTS8801B) Re: [sid] installing gentoo [solved- paritally] Re: external USB acomdata drive Re: [solved] 2.6 kernel beating up the IDE controller on DMA test and requests. [SOLVED] Re: Cannot burn audio tracks with cdrecord [solved] Re: Need help with re-install on a old SCSI Debian box [SOLVED] Re: PostgreSQL 8.0 bug or my own stupidity? Re: A*t files on AOL About Debian patch kernel packages. Acer's Altos R510 auf Debian Stable 3.1 Re: acrobat shortcuts Re: Adaptec AIC-8130 and HP ML150 G2 addendum addendum (corrected) Adding a hard drive with Debian. Adding fonts to Gnome..... adduser: default groups Adobe Premier Pro 7.0 XP - $50 After ldconfig runs, is no longer available After recent upgrade (testing) Mozilla 1.7.8 will not load pages bcs of PSM alias strange problem allin1 configuration Alsa default card (card0) with multiple cards ALSA OSS emulation endianness ALSA: no sound, no error! alsa_problem under kernel 2.6.8-2-686/etch_2 ALT GR + <key> doesn't work AM radio recorder AMD 64 recommendations AMD64 question... anacron can't run hourly? Re: Announcing a new book: The Debian System -- Concepts and Techniques Re: Re: annoying iptables messages Another Debian book Any recomendations on C/R spam tools for Debian any sleek way to downgrade sid to sarge? Anyone got a Medion 7134 PCMCIA Card working? Anyone got SSH over HTTP working? anyone use cone ? APACHE and problem made me crazy Re: apache behind nat Apache configuration apache2 and userdir with separate log files Apache2 question apache2-ssl-certificate Re: apache2-ssl-certificate - Disregard Application Performance Monitoring Applied Rheology - contents July 2005 apt APT dependency question apt no verify key in sid apt problems apt repository for my intranet Re: Apt-get and aptitude man pages Apt-get and aptitude man pages (was "aptitude synaptic gnome to be removed?") apt-get dist-upgrade can't find xorg-x11 packages apt-get install drupal problem apt-get to remove all files apt-get update problems apt-get update works fine; but apt-get upgrade does not apt-listbugs issue or bug? Re: apt-listbugs issue or bug? - RESOLVED apt-move stable[/-]updates problem aptitude aptitude : how to merge the "new packages" directory aptitude incompatible with synaptic? Re: aptitude synaptic gnome to be removed? Art files on AOL The art of turboing (was: Re: OT: Windoze spyware?) Ask software tools in linux serve for windows Aspell British Asus A3E 5003, speakers problem Re: ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe Soundproblem: modules (snd_intel8x0) loaded but sound is playing only one second Atheros support in Ubuntu, but not Debian? audigy 2 value audio cd fails to mount but plays fine in stereo authetication automate printing html copy of documentation??? Autoplay? Autorun for KDE Away from the office AWStats issue bash - executing function in "find" command bash startup scripts - what is an "interactive login" ?? BCM modem in sarge best way to drive traffic to your website Re: The Bit-Torent servers are so slow, just wondering why? bizarre HW failures with DVD+R media cannot burn DVDs Bizarre ls Behavior Blam/Straw/Alexandria crashing ... Blank page for PHP pages when 1st load Bochs use boot error (?) re:boot in xp Re: boot incomplete. Due to /usr on lvm2? Bootloader produces garbage - reconstructing MBR botched upgrade? BOUNCE Non-member submission from [] Browsers get stuck on some websites. Re: Browsers get stuck on some websites. - kill it BRU Seg fault & ATAPI Tape problems BT848 TV Tuning Problems Re: bttv/streamer: no audio recorded bugzilla: /cgi-bin/bugzilla/index.cgi does not exist building 2.6.x kernel on Athlon C++ ABI change in sight? cahnging debian version Call for Mentor The last update was on 19:41 GMT Tue Jul 02. There are 4283 messages. Page 1 of 9.

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