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Re: aptitude : how to merge the "new packages" directory

On 7/29/05, Guillaume TESSIER <gtessier@fusemail.com> wrote:
> Hello.
> I have a question about aptitude.
> I use to run debian testing sarge and stick to sarge when it got stable.
> I usually manage packages with aptitude.
> Of course their was a "new packages" directory as new packages were
> introduced on a regular basis to the debian repository.
> But now, since sarge is frozen, i don't understand why this directory is
> still there.
> I was just looking for a gnome package and couldn't find it. I know
> alphabet, so i just went : where is this package?
> It was neither in the installed and uninstalled directores but in the
> new packages directory.
> The directory isn't usefull to me anymore. i'd to merge it.
> There is this option "forget new packages"...

New packages will remain in the new packages list until you select
"forget new packages". So hit `f' and it'll merge them for you.

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