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Re: Bizarre ls Behavior

Martin McCormick wrote:
> 	Other directories seem normal.  What could possibly be going
> on here?  Here is a listing of what is in bin.  There is a file named
> [ but that is the only strange thing in the listing and it is not
> causing the behavior:

    Well, I can't say why it is happening but I can tell you [ is not strange.
 If anyone ever wanted to know why my answer to any shell script problem is
"program in python (or perl if you must)" need only look at man [.

[(1)                             User Commands                            [(1)

       test - check file types and compare values

       test EXPRESSION
       [ EXPRESSION ]
       [ OPTION


etc, etc, etc....

    Yes, this is normal.  This is how shell scripts a while back did tests.
Neat, in a scary "holy crap" sort of way.  :)

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