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bugzilla: /cgi-bin/bugzilla/index.cgi does not exist


I just installed bugzilla on my computer for developing purposes. 
I'm having  problems on starting it: 
What is the address I have to point to with my browser in order to 


but that file prompts a message like: 

I think you are looking for <a href="/cgi-bin/bugzilla/index.cgi">

Now, /cgi-bin/bugzilla/index.cgi does not exist in that directory. 
It is located in /usr/lib/cgi-bin/bugzilla/index.cgi, instead. In any 
case, that is not a file I can load with my browser, is it?

How should I start my Bugzilla in order to start administering it? 


    Please, send me a copy off-list at:
    albertobig (AT)  tiscali (DOT) it


Alberto Bigazzi

 "Tutta la nostra Università è soltanto accademia ed è sempre cultura di 
casta.  Non di classe, di casta".  
Indro Montanelli. 

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