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Re: AMD 64 recommendations

On Wednesday, 27.07.2005 at 22:13 +0200, Emil Khatib wrote:

> Hi everybody. I just bought a new Athlon 64 machine and I wanted to
> ask if anybody has tried the amd64 port. Is it enough stable for a
> desktop system? What are the advantages of using the amd64 port over
> using sarge i386 + amd64 kernel?

I've got a work-based statistical analysis server running the amd64 port
on a quad-Opteron box - seems perfectly stable for that, so it'd
certainly be fine for a desktop.

You might find that there are some apps (OpenOffice comes to mind) that
don't have native 64-bit versions available yet, but you can run them in
a 32-bit chroot.  You will have the same issues with binary-only browser
plugins (flash, real) etc. as well ...

Check the docs about all this, it's explained very well at

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