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Re: [OT] - UPS APC

On Monday 04 July 2005 12:15, Andrea Ganduglia wrote:
> Hi@all! I am buying a UPS APC, for three PC.Anyone having problems
> with "apcupsd - APC UPS Power Management" on Sarge, or it that people
> said works very well?
> My candidate UPS:
> http://www.apcc.com/products/configure/index.cfm?show_power_module=NO&SERVI

apcupsd is what I use. It works very well for me (with a Belkin-branded APC 
unit). With mine, I ended up using the serial interface. If there is trouble, 
it will be finding what magic control number to use (in the configuration 
file). But, tools are included with the package to test communication.

For clients, apcupsd works flawlessly for me. All the computers go through 
shutdown routines and power down when the master gives the signal! (I think 
it is unique in this feature, but I do not remember.)

I think there is an apcd for the SmartUPS series even though apcupsd has 
configs for SmartUPS too (though I do not remember much--I hooked up the UPS 
a few years ago).

I know there are compatibility problems when APC ships new versions of the 
protocol, or when APC units are re-branded. Maybe someone here knows about 
the specific model: APC Smart-UPS 2200VA USB & Serial 230V

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