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(SLIGHTLY OT): PC speaker not working with kernel

I have a small problem after compiling a kernel 
(current stable kernel release at kernel.org as I 
type). I didn't install a Debian packaged kernel source 
because the latest stable Debian package was 2.6.8 and 
I fancied something more recent.

Appreciate this is a debian list and so some of you may 
think I'm taking liberties a bit asking this question 
here, but my experience is you're a bunch of helpful 
chaps so here's hoping. 

I have a recently-upgraded sarge installation (upgraded 
from woody) and have until now been running a 2.4.19 
kernel built from the debian package of the source. 
Everything works pretty much as it should under the 
2.4.19 kernel.

I built the kernel by copying over the .config 
from 2.4.19 and using make xconfig to tweak the 
settings. I use make-kpkg to compile and make the .deb 
file and dpkg to install it. That all goes according to 

However, under my new kernel the PC speaker (which I use 
only for beeping me when mail arrives, when I hit tab 
in a shell and haven't typed enough to uniquely 
identify a file etc) isn't working (no beeps).

I'm guessing there's a kernel option under 2.6 that's 
needed to turn the beeper on but wasn't required under 
2.4. Can anyone point me at it?

Note I'm NOT trying to use the PC speaker as a sound 
card, I know there are folks out there who do that but 
I have a perfectly good sound card with perfectly good 
speakers, all I want from the PC speaker is the odd 
beep at appropriate moments...



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