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Re: 2.6.11 kernel in sarge?

On Friday, 08.07.2005 at 13:27 -0700, Bill Thompson wrote:

> > > Is there a way for me to download the debian 2.6.11 kernel and use it
> > > in sarge?
> > 
> > Yes, but it's not technically part of Sarge.  Easiest way to do this is
> > to add 'unstable' to your sources.list, download the latest Sid kernel,
> > install it and make sure it's working, then remove 'unstable' from your
> > sources.list.
> Please, Please, DO NOT do this! It may work now since stable and
> unstable are not too far apart, but it could lead to disaster later
> down the road.

I have to disagree here Bill.  I do however agree that, generally,
running a mixed system is not really highly recommended, but simply for
a *kernel*, I believe this to be a good option:

1. You are not pulling down any non-Sarge packages other than the new

2. You are removing the non-Sarge entries from sources.list after
downloading the non-Sarge kernel, meaning that the entirety of your
system will remain Sarge;

3. The kernel will then *not* be touched by any subsequent 'upgrade' or
'dist-upgrade' unless you explicitly ask it to.

Actually, what I am proposing is no different to going to
http://packages.debian.org/ and finding the appropriate (unstable)
kernel package and just doing: dpkg -i kernel-image-2.6.11-...  This is
*not* running a mixed system.

> I STRONGLY encourage you to learn how to use the Debian kernel tools
> like "make-kpkg" to compile custom kernels from the Debian or
> kernel.org sources. I found the following on a Google search, but
> there are plenty of other guides around:
> http://newbiedoc.sourceforge.net/system/kernel-pkg.html

make-kpkg is a fantastic tool and I thoroughly recommend it for when you
have to *customize* your kernel.  However, in this case the poster
presumably wants the stock kernel image, but for a more recent version
of the kernel than appears in Sarge.  The act of *compiling* a kernel is
becoming less of a necessity as time goes on - a few years ago, it was
common: now the stock kernel packages for your distribution of choice
are nearly always sufficient (there are exceptions, true, but fewer than
there used to be).

I needed a more recent stock version of the kernel myself when I wanted
a Sarge system but my disk controller needed a newer kernel to avoid a
critical bug.

Given the choice of:

A. Download the source for kernel.org and compile

-> No, kernel.org kernel source does not have Debian patches and as such
may not behave as expected, and will need plenty of configuration;

B. Download the most recent source package from Debian and build it
using make-kpkg

-> No, unnecessary.  And, in any case, you will probably need to go
outside Sarge to get the source for the more recent kernel anyway!

C. Get the Sid kernel;

-> Yes.  Unlikely to break anything and it's quick and simple.

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