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Re: apt-get update works fine; but apt-get upgrade does not

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On Tue, Jul 26, 2005 at 10:25:59PM -0500, Josh Battles wrote:

> So "apt-get upgrade" will only upgrade the packages you have installed
> whereas "apt-get dist-upgrade" will upgrade what you've got as well as
> installing new packages?

Not quite.  Sometimes a new version of a package adds a new dependency,
say a library that wasn't required before.  If that happens, "apt-get
upgrade" will balk.  You get a message that the package has been held
back.  On the other hand, "apt-get dist-upgrade" will just install the
newly-required package in order to meet the dependencies of the
already-installed package being upgraded, exactly the same way it would
if you had typed "apt-get install <package>".

By the way, aptitude does the same thing, this isn't a difference in
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