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Re: adduser: default groups

On Sat, 2005-07-09 at 19:46 +0200, Roman Muñoz wrote:
> Hi,
> I found that Sarge's new users "adduser xxx" by default aren't on group
> "camera" so a friend of mine has been drived nuts before I got their
> Kodak working :)
> It was the same on woody where I needed to add new user to groups
> "audio", etc, in order to get permisions to play Cd's, etc. Now in
> Sarge, I see that new users are in those groups by default
> Question is: where can I set these default groups the user will be in? I
> reviewed adduser and /etc/adduser.conf and found nothing

You always have the option of creating a the
script /usr/local/sbin/adduser.local which will be called by adduser.
This should allow you to add new users to any old group you would like.

#! /bin/bash

groups='camera audio video blah blah etc'

for g in $groups
  gpasswd -a $1 $g

That should do what you need (modify the group list to suit your needs)


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