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Re: Call for Mentor Re: Can Fujitsu-Siemens Primergy Econel 50 run Debian Can kdm 'source' ~/.xinitrc ? Can you launch URL from email application Re: Can you launch URL from email application -- ipv6log data Re: Can you launch URL from email application -- Problem Isolated and "solved" Can you launch URL from email application? Can you launch URL from email application? -- Correction Can you launch URL from email application? -- Follow-up Can you launch URL from email client? Can't change XF86Config-4 (Sarge i386) Can't change XF86Config-4 (Sarge) can't connect with putty Can't get Intel 82915G on-board graphics controller to deactivate the monitor. can't get it in iptables Can't install KDE in Sid Can't launch URL from email -- Note Can't launch URL from email -- Question Can't locate in @INC Can't open default sound device! Can't start OpenOffice can't switch to virtual console Can't use CD-ROM driver after switching to 2.6.11 cancel my email address Cannot burn audio tracks with cdrecord Cannot mount usb-storage device (camera) Re: Re: Re: Canon BJC-250 cantus id3 tagger and renamer Captiva USB MP3 Player support? CD Burner CD burner and automount experiences/misadventures w/ kernel 2.6.8 on sarge CD problem: hardware or software? Cd writing tool under Linux Re: Cd writing tool under Linux -- important note CD/DVD drive not in /dev/ cdrecord and DVD patch CDrecord won't burn under kernel 2.6.8 cdrecord: cannot load media ... cdrom installation not starting cdrom: This disc doesn't have any tracks I recognize! Re: Cellular Data Service Changing debian/rules == failure Changing KDE menus Changing mouse (newbie question) changing passwords on an ldap client machine with passwd? chkrootkit: false positive chroot: permission denied Cingular ISP & Linux pppd local/remote IP Addresses? clamav update to 0.86.1 using Clean firefox cache commandline? CNN Videos - No Sound Co-operation Codecs locations in filesysten ColdFusion MX (6.1) and MySQL comments about hardware Comments Wanted: Mozilla localstart page Compile error with daapd Compiling ALSA: init_module undefined Re: completely inane AOL questions Completing removing program and configs Conferences on rheology & soft matter materials configure postfix Re: Configure X on virtual pc 2004 Re: configuring a touchscreen monitor (samsung 173vt) configuring hp officejet 4255 with hpoj content filtering Controlling which modules are loaded at boot convert ra files to wav or other format mplayer problem convert wmv video format ? converting .ged to html etc Cool 'n' Quiet and other AMD64 related problems Re: copy from window to linux copy-ing an image.iso from a dvd: how to? Copying directory containing internal hard links to other partition Re: corrupt bash file Corrupt linux-source-2.6.12 Re: courier or cyrus ? courier-maildrop & mysql support! CP and CPIO Preserving Timestamps? CPU fans shut off by Debian? Creating a task launcher..... creating symlinks with ldconfig cross install; cross platforms CUPS remote printing problem CUPS/Samba help please Cups: canon backend hanging Re: Re: CUPS: jobs stop printing until reboot Cursor acting strangely customizing xterm customizing xterm? Data for stable vs. sarge Re: DBM support for mod_rewrite DBM versions and PAM module dcopidl debconf broken - How to repair ? Debein-newbie-Partlly SOLVED. Debian + GDM/KDE Debian and wireless network cards debian backup/restore debian based compatible distros debian games as server with windows client debian gnome splash screen Re: debian hosting service Debian Install Problem... Debian Installer SATA detection Debian is slow on the Network Debian kernel source and compiler Debian Links Debian on a handheld device. Debian on Array 3200 debian op ppc6500/300 Re: debian op ppc6500/300 -- translation Debian or Ubuntu Dilemma Debian package containing header files? debian package to cut subtitles? debian reference html Debian Roadmap debian sarge install on new dell PE 1850 and 2850 Debian Sarge to Etch Debian Sarge with 2.6.8 V.S. Canon Powershot A520 Debian Science mailing list created Debian Sound Configuration Debian Xorg Crashes Out debian-31r0a-i386-netinst.iso Debian-Installer (testing) doesn't even boot... debugfs on RAID volume default info browser dependency problem deskjet 5740: 5 minute pause between jobs Detailed memory usage The last update was on 19:41 GMT Tue Jul 02. There are 4283 messages. Page 2 of 9.

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