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Re: AMD 64 recommendations

On Wed July 27 2005 01:13 pm, Emil Khatib wrote:
> Hi everybody. I just bought a new Athlon 64 machine and I wanted to
> ask if anybody has tried the amd64 port. Is it enough stable for a
> desktop system? What are the advantages of using the amd64 port over
> using sarge i386 + amd64 kernel?

Yes, it is as stable as i386 (from my experience). There are a few packages 
missing (like cdrdao) that won't build on the x86_64 platform (yet), the devs 
are working on it. Since I need cdrdao I scooped an x86_64 rpm from 
rpmfind.net and used alien to create a deb to install it. The 
debian/amd64/ports page says that the i386 port of debian does have a 
minamalistic support for amd64 whereas the amd64 port has complete 64bit 
userspace. Have a look at http://www.debian.org/ports/amd64/, you'll get 
better info there than I can give you. If your using OpenOffice there is no 
native 64 bit version available yet, but I read on the amd64 list this 
morning that someone has the 32 bit version working. I'll need to give that a 

I still need to get some multimedia setup, like RA/RAM/MOV support but haven't 
had a chance to look into it further. By and large though, the 64 bit port 
seems to me to be good and stable.

Just my $0.02.

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