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Re: Browsers get stuck on some websites.

I apologise for my assumption.

You are getting a different problem to me - I only experience this on my work 
Windows box where I have more than one anti-spoofing tool installed.

This suggests that there may be a plugin problem that is hogging the process.

IS it worth trying going through any of those ?


On Monday 11 Jul 2005 20:01, [KS] wrote:
> TreeBoy wrote:
> > As an aside: your browser does not "hang" - it just doesn't render -
> > hanging is a very specific phrase.
> Right now, the browser just "hangs". It does not repond to any of the
> action, no reponse on clicking the menu or toolbar, etc. No it has not
> just stopped rendering, it hangs for me.
> /KS

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