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Re: aptitude synaptic gnome to be removed?

On Tuesday 05 July 2005 16:38, Paul Smith <psmith@nortel.com>
(<[🔎] vpdrd5pw3mkq.fsf@lemming.engeast.baynetworks.com>) wrote:

> I think Jules' message above is pretty clear and straightforward.  I
> suppose some of the ramifications of this choice might not be
> immediately clear though.

His comments are, I believe, correct but notable incomplete and somewhat

> _Usually_ "dist-upgrade" is what you want, especially in unstable
> where lots of dependency info, etc. is changing around.  The problem
> with dist-upgrade in unstable (or testing) is that SOMETIMES, if the
> packages are laid out just right (or wrong), "dist-upgrade" will decide
> that in order to bring your system as up-to-date as possible is has to
> remove large swaths of packages, because of versioning conflicts.

IIRC, with some KDE or GNOME update, I guessed that they only way to perform
the update was to allow aptitude to remove several tens of megabytes of
packages and then re-install the updated versions.  With one or the other,
the update was not immediately complete and I ran aptitude from a text
console waiting for the update to complete.

> In general, I do it like this (I use either testing or unstable most of
> the time):
>     * Run "dist-upgrade".  Check to make sure the resulting changes look
>       OK.  If so, accept them.
>     * If not, then I do one of:
>         (a) "install" a particular package or set of packages that I
>             particularly want/need, OR
>         (b) Try "upgrade" and see if it does a better job, OR
>         (c) Give up and wait a few days for the repository to become
>             consistent.

This is advice worth quoting.

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