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Re: apt-move stable[/-]updates problem

W M Brelsford wrote:

I've been using "apt-move update" to populate a local hierarchy for use
by my other machines via nfs:

	deb file:/n/di/var/debian stable main contrib non-free
	deb file:/n/di/var/debian stable/updates main contrib non-free

Since the sarge release, however, the security updates seem to be
creating/using the directory /var/debian/.apt-move/dists/stable-updates
(rather than .../stable/updates?).  And /var/debian/dists/stable
contains both updates/main/binary-i386/Release and
updates/updates/main/binary-i386/Release etc.  The updated packages, of
course, are not found by apt-get on the other machines.
Why not just change the line to:

deb file:/n/di/var/debian stable-updates main contrib non-free

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