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Re: aptitude incompatible with synaptic?

On Tuesday 05 July 2005 18.09, Matthias Kaeppler wrote:
> Hi,
> I am using aptitude almost exclusively to manage packages in Debian.
> But I thought I'd check out Synaptic and see how it works, because I
> eventually intend to migrate o Ubuntu on the next occasion, which uses
> Synaptic per default. So, I installed some packages with it.
> The next time I tried to install something with aptitude, it said that
> those packages I had installed with Synaptic were no longer in use and
> will be removed.
> Looks like those two programs don't really know what each other is
> doing. Does that mean I'm stuck to one apt frontend in Debian, once I
> have started using it?
> --
> Matthias Kaeppler

I suppose if you go into aptitude and mark the packages as manually 
installed (the 'm' key) they should stick around when you install/remove 
packages next time. As you may know aptitude keeps track of which 
packages you have installed manually and which packages just "came along" 
because of dependencies needing to be fulfilled. If automatically 
installed packages are found where the dependent package is no longer 
around aptitude will attempt to remove them.

If there is a way around this I don't know. Maybe if you go inte aptitude 
-> Options -> Dependency handling, and disable "Remove unused packages 
automatically" it will work. But if this options does what I think it 
does you will loose this fine feature which makes aptitude so good.

Best regards

Olle Eriksson
mail@olle-eriksson.com | http://www.olle-eriksson.com

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