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Re: apt-listbugs issue or bug? - RESOLVED

Clive Menzies wrote:

On (15/07/05 12:15), Clive Menzies wrote:

Upgrading both 32/64 bit sid systems overnight, I'm seeing the following

Fetched 24.0MB in 6m50s (58.5kB/s)
Reading package fields... Done
Reading package status... Done
Retrieving bug reports... 0% [0/46] W: not in gzip format:
W: not in gzip format: libxtrap6
W: not in gzip format: xlibs-static-dev

Googling reveals a similar issue last september but it seems to suggest
that apt-listbugs will throw this error if debian bts is unavailable;
however, BTS seems to be fine.

Is anyone else seeing this?  Or can you suggest a solution?

Solution has miraculously appeared ;)  I suspect it was something to do
with interruption of access to the BTS because it now seems to be fine.

Sorry for the noise.
The same thing happened to me with the same solution.

Paul Scott

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