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Re: 2.6.11 and udev

Apparently, _Paul Scott_, on 07/15/2005 12:37 PM,typed:
H. S. wrote:

Apparently, _H. S._, on 15/07/05 09:26,typed:
How come udev package has been upgraded in Sid without any warning that
2.6.12 is required for the new version? We upgraded a Sid machine
running 2.6.11 and got new version of udev with no dependency indication
that 2.6.12 is required.

I should have mentioned that the Sid machine has udev 0.062-4.
Not a real answer to your question but this is a good reason for installing apt-listbugs. I was warned in time to not install that version of udev.

Paul Scott

Ah, thanks. The said Sid machine is in such a disarray now that we are thinking of doing a clean install. I guess apt-listbugs might have been helpful in preventing the upgrade of some packages which might have helped in creating the mess the machine is in now.

Moreover, I am also trying with a kernel (vanilla) but am having problems with nvidia. But this another story for another thread.


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