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Re: where do they go? where info on packages stored when apt-get update? Where is the FTP site for Sarge, please? whether does it mean bytes or bits in file /proc/net/dev? Which Debian Installer for Etch, please? Which nVidia Insataller... which package contains why do PPP connections die with heavy disk usage? Why gmplayer - no sound; mplayer - sound? Why has "find ... -exec rm -i '{}' ';'" stopped working? why netselect-apt fail due to 'connection reset by peer'? Why no more ptys on a Woody System? Why not a Desktop on a GNU/Linux Server why ports 111, 113 and 772 are open? wild aptitude window manager: move without raisiing window? Window$ asset monitoring windowmaker Re: windowmaker [OT] Windows corrupts Grub on Dell Windows XP + Office XP = $80. Windows XP won't read CDs/DVDs burned in Debian Wireless PCI Cards - Which Work? Wmaker Nautilus (in only one window)? wmaker xmessage popups woody->sarge: aptitude cache lock problem wxvlc uninstalable after upgrading to X and KDE an X problem X server security defaults. X start!!! X vs. tty X-window driver X-windows Problems with firefox install connections??? x-windows-system package Troubles: XMMS Errors Out, GnuCash Rendering Slow, DELL 2001FP LCD monitor and 1600x1200 resolution X11 error on Sarge xawtv fullscreen xfce 4.2 xfce4 dependencies in stable Re: xfree86 on km4m-v m/b (s3virge onboard) XFree86 to X.Org: Console colors change XFS + LVM + RAID10 = raid0_make_request bug XFS -> Ext3 xfs-xtt Xinerama with Radeon 9250 Xlib: maximum number of clients reached Re: xmms doesn't play streams, complains couldn't connect to host XMMS errors persist in Xorg !! Re: xmms skips all files xmms-crossfade plugin failure Re: Re: xmms-mplayer can't find glib-config?(Don't think the server accepted this last time). Re: Re: xmms-mplayer can't find glib-config?(Don't think the server accepted this last time). xmove problems, it should NOT be this hard!!! xorg and nvidia drivers and removal of gdm etc. Xorg and switching VT xorg and virtual terminals still xorg in sid Xorg on Sid question xorg-x11 6.8.2.dfsg.1-4 Packages Not Found xscreensaver preferences menu entry gone in Gnome xscreensaver-demo crashing on Sarge yahoopops and xinetd you forgot your.... Re: YOUR EMAIL WON A L0TTERY Re: YOUR EMAIL WON A LOTTERY Re: your mail Your mail to requires confirmation Your Message To scoug-general Your Message Was Addressed Incorrectly (PLEASE DO NOT REPLY) Your remove request has been successfully processed! The last update was on 19:41 GMT Tue Jul 02. There are 4283 messages. Page 9 of 9.

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