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Re: aptitude

On (22/07/05 09:47), Edward Dunagin wrote:
> i tried to post this before subscribing to the list.
> so if this is a duplicate..sorry.
> when i run aptitude update i get a response that tells
> me that 78 files are to be removed. lots of gnome and
> libs. (i use kde) but i see one or two of the listed
> files that are to be removed, as files that i use and
> need.
> can anyone explain whats going on here?

Are you running sid? It could be that a package being updated is
conflicting in someway with what aptitude wants to remove.  If you go
into aptitude and press G (only once), you will see all the actions it
wants to take.

Where it wants to remove something, press + and you'll probably get an
indication of where the conflict lies.



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