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RE: Re: 32 or 64

>> i have a dual xeon box. It is running the
>> kernel-image-2.6.11-1-686-smp.
>> i guess that kernel is a 32 bit kernel. How can i
>>proobe that? (less
>> /proc/cpuinfo?)

>uname -a will show you i686 (or i386) for a 32-bit
>kernel.  A 64-bit
>kernel would be x86_64 or something like that.

uname gives me how kernel "see" the processor, not
what i have.

for example: if you install a kernel without smp, you
never know if you have a HT processor.

>But, are Xeons 64-bit processors?!?  I didn't think
>they were!


i have 90nm. :)

>> how can i get a 64 bit kernel? do i have to compile
>>myself? or there
>> are some kernel images ready to use?

>There are stock kernel image for most architectures. 
>Depends on which
>64-bit you've got (ia64 or amd64 or em64t).

I'll try the em64t.


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