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Re: "makeobj" wrapper script -- how to use it? -- Solved

Dear friends:

Forget this issue. I have decided to instead the deb file instead.

Thank you.


On Saturday 16 July 2005 01:31 am, you wrote:
> Dear friends:
> I am trying to install a KDE program called Kradio-1 from source tarball.
> Configure went fine. I then was warned NOT to use "make" but instead
> unsermake. Well, unsermake is not available in Synaptic, not even for Etch
> (I switched to Etch earlier today. (No errors, no problem. apt-get is
> really amazing!). Since it is not in our apt-get repositories, I figure
> there must be a reason. So, although I could download and install it from
> CVS, I'd rather not. Fortunately, the program offers another option called
> "makeobj", a wrapper script. "makeobj" is available in Debian. It is
> already installed.

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