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ALSA OSS emulation endianness


First, sorry for my english. 

Second, I have debian sarge configured with Alsa and OSS emulation,
running in an athon XP based system. I stream my music using xmms and
icecast2. It was working for a while, and stoped working one day
because of no (aparent) reason.

Now I'm having some weird behavior:
- I configure xmms to decode to stdout via libOSS output plugin.
- run "xmms > /dev/dsp" and I it sounds ok.
- run "xmmx | oggenc -r -o file.ogg -" and then "ogg123 file.ogg" and
i get noise.
- run "xmms | oggenc -r --raw-endiannes 1 -o file.ogg -" and then
"ogg123 file.ogg" and it sounds fine.

If I try with mpg123 instead of xmms:
- run "mpg123 -s file.mp3 > /dev/dsp" -> noise.
- run "mpg123 -s file.mp3 | oggenc -r -o file.ogg -" and then "ogg123
file.ogg" and it sounds ok.

Given that mpg123 doesn't use liboss to generate the ouptut, it looks
like OSS emulation is using bigger-endian order, but I'm not sure why
or how could I change it.

Thanks in advance

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