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automate printing html copy of documentation???

I am trying to print an html copy of some documentation. 

I want to avoid having to load all the pages individually  into a browser 
(konqueror or mozilla) and print them. I would like to automate the printing.

Method 1 idea: 

 i) Convert html -> ps pages via html.ps
ii) assemble multiple ps files into a single pdf 
    (using script based on ghostscript ability to combine multiple ps files 
into single file) 
iii) print that.

Problem:  I tried this. However - 
html2ps has problem with many of the html files with tables and it creates ps 
files with pages that are much much too small to read.

Method 2:

simply print the html files themselves.
But when I do
kprinter --nodialog file1.html

it prints out the html source file. How do I automate the "loading and 
printing"  of the file from the browser. 

konqueror file1.html|kprinter didnt work...



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