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Re: Atheros support in Ubuntu, but not Debian?

Depends on which set of steps you want to do.  If you're looking to
install the drivers as a Debian package, you'll have to build it
yourself, which is what the marlow.dk link discusses.  If you just want
to install the drivers and update them yourself (similar to what you
might do on a Windows machine), you just download a tarball from


and follow the instructions.  If you've never installed software from a
tarball (tar.gz/tar.bz2 file) before, it's pretty straightforward.  If
you've never compiled a kernel before, though, the stuff with the kernel
source tree might be a bit tricky.

I don't know if the Ubuntu madwifi packages work with straight Debian,
but you could certainly try them.

Whichever path you decide to take, post if you have any questions, and
somebody can surely answer them.


Jim Crossley wrote:

>I recently installed Ubuntu 5.0.4, and my wireless card (D-Link
>DWL-G650) just worked.
>I then installed Debian 3.1, and found that it ignored my wireless
>card.  Googling a bit left me with the impression that getting Debian
>to recognize my card is relatively complicated, e.g.
>Do I really have to do this or is there an easier way?

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