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Re: After ldconfig runs, libc.so.6 is no longer available

Hi again,

> After that, all programs linked against libc.so.6 failed with the same
> message.
> As a temporary fix, I can do "ldconfig -l /lib/libc-2.3.2.so", but
> if I later run ldconfig in non-library mode, i.e. just call "ldconfig",
> the problem re-appears.
> My /etc/ld.so.conf is unsuspicious:
>   /usr/X11R6/lib
>   /usr/local/lib

Problem solved: I had the mono libraries installed in /usr/local/lib
and apparently they were the source of the problem. After removing
them and re-running ldconfig, my box is happy again.

I'd still be very interested in how an additional set of libraries that
doesn't include libc itself can interfere with ldconfig, preventing it
from finding the correct libc.so.6 to use.


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