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Re: /etc/network/if-post-up.d/ scripts are not executed (SOLVED)

Thomas Hood wrote on Jul, 20:
> > fetchmail is started before the ethernet interface is up, so I
> > figured that I had to either start or simply awaken it *after*
> > the interface was up, placing a script in /etc/network/if-post-up.d/.
> The solution is to install resolvconf.

Thanks for the tip. I had a hasty look at it and didn't quit grasp how
it works, but I'll look into it more carefully.

> The directory you want is /etc/network/if-up.d/.  "up" and "post-up" are
> synonymous.

Thanks for that. However, strictly speaking, one can't say they are
synonymous, since /etc/network/if-post-up.d/ is simply ignored. This
scheme doesn't look clean, and the man page doesn't reflect the
behaviour of the utility.


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