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Re: [BackupPC-users] Re: OT: Archives nearly useless? (Google doing evil?)

Steve Lamb wrote:
Marty wrote:
I don't see what legitimate purpose it might serve, and I wonder if the
posters' wishes or search engine users' interests, or even public
interests, enter into consideration?  I suppose not.

    The public has no interest.

But google shareholders do?  I hope that's not what you mean.
The public just happen to be the authors of all the messages on
such lists.  I don't know why you think they have no interest
in their own archives.

  As for a legitimate reason having constant hits
from search engines could be a problem.  Certainly was for my site.

Different issue.  I am describing what google seems to be doing with
all lists archives and list archive availability, not how or whether
it complies with robots.txt files.

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