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Re: "You have new mail" and maildir

On 7/30/05, Brice Méalier <mealier_brice@yahoo.fr> wrote:
> Hello
> I use in my config mutt+exim4+procmail+fetchmail
> Procmail is adjusted to delivers the mails in my /home directory into
> the maildir format.
> The matter is that right now when I get a new mail in my box and I log
> in in the console I don't have the "You have new mail" notification.
> It's strange because bash is able to do it for the maildir format and I
> adjust in my bashrc (that I source in bash_profile) "export
> MAILPATH=my_box".

Modify your /etc/pam.d/login like the following, you'll receive new
mail notifications.

Session optional pam_mail.so standard noenv dir=~/Maildir

For application support, you might want to change the variables in
/etc/login.defs too.


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