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Re: aptitude synaptic gnome to be removed?

On Tuesday 05 July 2005 12:43, Bill Wohler <wohler@newt.com>
(<[🔎] 87ekadf5zy.fsf@olgas.newt.com>) wrote:

> How does one know when to use dist-upgrade?

That's a good question, one which I can't really answer.  I switched to
aptitude without bothering to read any documentation.  Since then, I've
been constructing a "theory of operation" based on observation of how
aptitude works.  It's only about two weeks ago that I read the "aptitude
user's guide"; of course, some of my theory turned out to be wrong.

> Is there an announcement email somewhere?

I'm not aware of such.

> Does aptitude give some sort of a sign (that I'm missing)?

I think I noticed the difference between 'upgrade' and 'dist-upgrade' when I
saw that some packages aptitude listed as upgradable weren't upgraded with
'aptitude upgrade'.

> Is this something that you just run regularly?

Yes, but it's not something I really thought about until I started reading
this thread.  I (sort of) just "knew" when to use 'upgrade' and

> If this is something you run regularly on unstable, then I suppose one
> should also run it regularly on testing. Right?

I don't know remember much about testing.  I switched to unstable after
reading a thread about why running testing wasn't a good idea.

> In that case, I should probably run it on my testing systems, eh?

Here's my guess at an example: If and when Debian switches from XFree86 to
X.org and these changes reach testing, at least some of the packages will
conflict with each other.  It's at that point where "upgrade" will not
install X.org because it will require removal of the conflicting XFree86
packages.  (This will be a relatively major change and not representative
of day-to-day package maintenance.)

> Since I had never run dist-upgrade during the entire sarge lifecycle, this
> should be interesting...

You can perform a simple test now.

(1) If you're an apt-get user:

Make sure your system up-to-date with 'apt-get update && apt-get upgrade'.

Then, run 'apt-get --simulate dist-upgrade' and see if it wants to do
install and/or remove anything.

(2) If you're an aptitude user:

Make sure your system up-to-date with 'aptitude update && aptitude upgrade'.

Then, as an unprivileged user, run 'aptitude' and press the 'g' key and see
if it wants to do install and/or remove anything.  Don't continue if you
don't like the result; aptitude won't continue without the root password

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