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"makeobj" wrapper script -- how to use it?

Dear friends:

I am trying to install a KDE program called Kradio-1 from source tarball. 
Configure went fine. I then was warned NOT to use "make" but instead 
unsermake. Well, unsermake is not available in Synaptic, not even for Etch (I 
switched to Etch earlier today. (No errors, no problem. apt-get is really 
amazing!). Since it is not in our apt-get repositories, I figure there must 
be a reason. So, although I could download and install it from CVS, I'd 
rather not. Fortunately, the program offers another option called "makeobj", 
a wrapper script. "makeobj" is available in Debian. It is already installed.

Here is what man makeobj says:

       makeobj - run make from the correct directory

       makeobj [ make-argument ... ]

       makeobj is a wrapper around make which basically checks whether it's in
       the source directory or the build directory and changes to the  correct
       directory before calling make.

       The command-line arguments will (generally) be passed directly to make.

       This script is only useful if the source directory  is  different  from
       the  build directory and the Makefiles are kept in the build directory,
       as is common for instance when building the KDE sources.

       One of the environment variables OBJ_SUBDIR or  OBJ_REPLACEMENT  should
       be  set  to  indicate  where  the build directory is in relation to the
       source directory.

 Manual page makeobj(1) line 1       

 This utility is part of the KDE Software Development Kit.

       Note that only one of OBJ_SUBDIR and OBJ_REPLACEMENT  should  be  used.
       If  the  build  directory is simply a subdirectory of the source direc-
       tory, the simpler variable OBJ_SUBDIR should be used.

              Indicates that the build directory is in the given  subdirectory
              of  the source directory.  For instance, if the source directory
              is kdesdk and the build directory is kdesdk/obj-i386-linux, then
              OBJ_SUBDIR should be set to obj-i386-linux.

              A  sed expression that is used to transform the source directory
              into the build directory.  For instance, if the source directory
              is  ~/src/kdesdk  and  the  build directory is ~/src/kdesdk-obj,
              then OBJ_REPLACEMENT could be set to s#kdesdk#kdesdk-obj#.

I have a vague idea of what this command does, but I have no idea how to 
actually use it. That is, what command would I use to build this application.

Could someone please suggest a specific command to allow me built this 

Thank you so much.


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