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Re: any sleek way to downgrade sid to sarge?

On 7/29/05, phyrster <phyrster@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi debianers,
> After upgrading to sid, I reget and thinking how to roll back to good old
> sarge. I searched related topics and found this guide:
> http://debianplanet.com/node.php?id=880 (How I Downgraded Testing to Stable)
> The procedure here is a bit complicated plus it's posted two years ago.
> There is also guide about pinning but the author says: "downgrading is complex and cumbersome".
> How do you guys downgrade? Are there sleek tools out there that can handle
> this job better?

Suffice it to say, downgrading is hard. Very hard, in some cases.
There are no automated tools; if you want to downgrade, it may be
possible, but you're mostly on your own.

Fortunately, sid and sarge are currently using the same C library, so
it's probably not as hard as sarge->woody. If you're not an expert in
how APT works, it'll probably be easier to just reinstall.

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