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Re: Adding a hard drive with Debian.

On Thu, 14 Jul 2005, Redefined Horizons wrote:

Debian Users,

I originally installed Debian with a hard drive that only had about 6
Gigs. I'd like to add an 80 Gig hard drive.

Debian will be the only OS on my computer. I just need the extra
memory, and I'm not worried about running a dual boot system.

How do I get Debian to recognize the second hard drive?

What would be the best partitions to move to the second hard drive?
(What are typically the biggest partitions on a Debian system?) Can I
move these paritions once the scond hard drive is partitioned and

Thanks for any info. ( I checked to web for a howto, but the stuff I
found dealt with booting another OS on the second hard drive.)

Its pretty easy.

1. Physically install the drive in the machine, and configure it properly on one of the IDE channels in the computer. Ensure that the BIOS recognizes the drive when you reboot.

2. Boot into Linux and partition the drive. I like cfdisk but there are other ways to do it.

3. Create file systems on all of the partions for the new drive. I think the standard nowdays would be ext3 or ext2, but whichever you use. 'mkfs' is to operative command here.

4. Mount the filesystem(s). Use 'mount' to manually do it at first to test and after you have the mounts set the way you want, edit /etc/fstab to make it permanet.

5. Copy/move files onto the new filesystems.

Its hard to say what the biggest partitions on a drive are without knowing your usage of the machine. I would guess /home but it really depends.

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