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Re: [OT] linking table of contents in a dvi file

> I searched the web and thought that hyperref might be capable of doing > this. However, the documentation of hyperref is so cryptic that I do not > know whether it is capable of doing this. > For me just having the declaration \usepackage{hyperref} is giving a dvi file which give 'clickable' table of contents.
I tried this but was not getting any clickable links. I am using xdvi as my dvi viewer.

$xdvi --version
xdvik version 22.40v

This is the latest version available on Debian unstable. Which dvi viewer are you using? Which Debian distribution are you running? Any special options to be used while compiling etc.,?

> Any ideas and sample tex files which result in the above behaviour are > more than welcome. > I am attaching both the tex and dvi file. Let me know whether it worked
for you.


Thanks for the sample files. I tried the test.dvi file you attached. I was not getting clickable links. When I click on one of the entries in the toc, all I get is a magnified box with corresponding text (This is the usual behaviour of xdvi when one clicks on a piece of text).


Kamaraju S Kusumanchi
Graduate Student, MAE
Cornell University

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