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Re: AMD64 question...

On Wed July 27 2005 03:38 pm, Brad Sims wrote:
> I am thinking of switching to an AMD64 processor... I am currently running
> kernel 2.4.27-2-k7. I really don't wanna switch to a 2.6 series kernel if I
> don't have to... I presume I can simply install the -386 versions of the
> packages and have them work; correct?

You can just continue to use the 32bit i386 version if you prefer. I do run a 
few 32bit apps here with the ia32-libs package installed. The amd64 version 
only ships with a 2.6 kernel. It's required for some reason I forget now.

> Can I continue to run my -k7 kernel on an AMD64? If not then what is the
> minimum packages I will need to install to run this? I do not intend to go
> to pure 64bit at this time.

I have never noticed a -k7 kernel on amd64, only -em64t, -generic and -k8. The 
amd64 version is just like the i386 version (except of course, it is 64 bit). 
You can install as much or as little as you like. If you need 32 bit apps 
that won't run with the ia32-libs package you can install a 32bit chroot 
environment to run them. That requires another partion with a 32 bit setup. 

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