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Re: [solved] 2.6 kernel beating up the IDE controller on DMA test and requests.

debian-user-digest Digest V2005 #1827 thread entitled ' 2.6 kernel beating up the IDE ... on DMA test ....'

The 2.6 kernel seems to be testing the DMA option on bootup so severely that fsck finds errors and
requests a reboot.  This is a Gateway 500 with a Pentium III (500 MHZ).

               (stuff deleted)

On bootup of the 2.6.12 kernel there is a lot of dma testing on the IDE interface. Responses of 0x41, 0x61 keep
getting reported.

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I downloaded the source code for kernel 2.6.12 and found my solution in the Documentation directory. The kernel-parameters.txt and ide.txt showed me that I could put 'ide=nodma' on the menu line from the lilo
menu and get a nicer bootup.

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