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Re: bizarre HW failures with DVD+R media cannot burn DVDs

David E. Fox wrote:
> fox@1[tmp]$ growisofs -speed 4 -Z /dev/hdd=dvd.iso

Your media supports upto 6.1x as shown by your dvd+rw-mediainfo command.
However, if you do "man growisofs" it says that -speed=1 should be used
if higher speeds mess up your media.

> Executing 'builtin_dd if=dvd.iso of=/dev/hdd obs=32k seek=0'
> /dev/hdd: "Current Write Speed" is 1.0x1385KBps.
> :-[ WRITE@LBA=0h failed with SK=5h/ASC=30h/ACQ=05h]: Wrong medium type
> :-( media is not formatted or unsupported.
> :-( write failed: Wrong medium type

Well nevermind, growisofs was using 1.0x only :). But there seems to be
an error for the medium type!

> I recently discovered dvd+rw-mediainfo, here's that output in case it
> is helpful:
> fox@1[tmp]$ dvd+rw-mediainfo /dev/hdd
> INQUIRY:                [_NEC    ][DVD_RW ND-3520A ][1.04]

Here it says that your drive has firmware 1.04 installed. The latest
firmware for 3520a (OEM) is 3.05
http://support.necsam.com/OEM/downloads/FlashFirmware/ Upgrading the
firmware may solve the problem if it is due to media.

>  Mounted Media:         11h, DVD-R Sequential
>  Media ID:              ISSM    R02
>  Current Write Speed:   6.1x1385=8467KB/s
>  Write Speed #0:        6.1x1385=8467KB/s
>  Write Speed #1:        5.1x1385=7056KB/s
>  Write Speed #2:        4.1x1385=5645KB/s
>  Write Speed #3:        3.1x1385=4234KB/s
>  Write Speed #4:        2.0x1385=2822KB/s
>  Write Speed #5:        1.0x1385=1411KB/s
>  Write Performance:     1.0x1385=1385KB/s@[0 -> 2297888]
> :-( empty GET PERFORMACE descriptor
>  Media Book Type:       25h, DVD-R book [revision 5]
>  Legacy lead-out at:    2298496*2KB=4707319808
>  Media Book Type:       25h, DVD-R book [revision 5]
>  Last border-out at:    2298496*2KB=4707319808

And the media you are trying to use is a DVD-R as shown by
dvd+rw-mediainfo command.

I hope that helps.

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