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Re: [OT] Need advice on building a Storage Server

On 7/10/05, William Ballard <nospam_50711@bellsouth.net> wrote:
> I would like to build a storage server.  I have some hardware questions.
> I don't know a forum where I will get intelligent practical questions
> for this unusual task.
> I'm envisioning adding 5-8 300GB or 400GB hard drives, a single gigabit
> ethernet, a minimal mobo/proc/ram for strictly serving up files.
> 1. I've seen a "LanBoy" type case that can hold 8 internal 3.5" drives.
> Mini ATX.  Any dangers with running 8 HDs in a mini-ATX case?

No dangers.  More below.

> 2. Is there a mobo which can drive 8 HDs?  Or will I need daughtercards?

There are a few motherboards out there that can support 8 (or even
more) HDs.  Asus A8N-SLIDeluxe is one that I can think of.  I know
Gigabyte has one with a mitful of ports as well.  They don't fit your
"minimal" mobo category though.  Personally, if I had the budget, I
would probably just get a lesser motherboard with an 8 port (or two 4
port) SATA card. Adaptec cards are a bit pricey, but they're

> 3. How big a power supply should I get?  500W?

500 should be good. Depends on your CPU and other stuff though.  I've
been using an Antec TruPower 380 Watt with 6 HDs (plus cdroms, etc.)
on an athlon XP box for a while with no issues.  Just don't go cheap
on the PSU.

> 4. Is this going to be a heat / noise / weight nightmare?

HDs these days have a tendancy to be pretty quiet.  Heat will be an
issue though.  You will definitely need at least 2x 80mm or 1x 120mm
fans blowing across these drives from the front, just because of the
quantity - and at least one on the back sucking air out. Also, make
sure the case has some space between the drives.  I know a lot of
cases that don't leave space and you end up stacking your disks. the
ones in the middle will cook.
> Anybody's who's built such a monster and has recommendations, please
> share.
> Thanks, and sorry for being OT.


~ Darryl  ~ smartssa@gmail.com
http://smartssa.com / http://darrylclarke.com

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