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Re: bizarre HW failures with DVD+R media cannot burn DVDs

David E. Fox wrote:
> On Wed, 27 Jul 2005 00:09:46 -0400
> "[KS]" <lists04@fastmail.fm> wrote:
>>Here it says that your drive has firmware 1.04 installed. The latest
>>firmware for 3520a (OEM) is 3.05
>>http://support.necsam.com/OEM/downloads/FlashFirmware/ Upgrading the
>>firmware may solve the problem if it is due to media.
> I checked the site - it would seem I need to have Windows installed to
> do the flashing. I don't. 
> And as I mentioned before, I was able to get this to work with the
> patter dvd-rs (even if they are labelled +r) twice before. I don't
> think any configuration has changed since then. The drive is *supposed*
> to handle all these different formats, and so if it works all right
> using dvd+rw, why not dvd+/r, since the dvd+r (or dvd-r) is supposed to
> be the more mature (and probable more simple) writing method?

Unfortunately, its not the configuration which has the final say when
writing on a DVD. Its the firmware which tells the drive if the media is
supported or not, and if yes, what speeds are supported. Also, the
support is for the media manufacturer and not the company which branded
it! I have had different experiences with two packages from the same
company. The DVD packages had same specs, but the media manufacturer was
different and hence they performed differently on the same drive.

Give another media a try. If it works, try to return the media which
gave the error. The manufacturer may ask if you have the latest firmware
installed ;) I complained to BenQ for some(5) bad DVDs (could see a big
spot on surface), and they sent me replacement DVDs(50) :)

Good Luck,

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