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Re: Atheros support in Ubuntu, but not Debian?

IIRC the drivers require non-free stuff, or there was some
other reason they weren't accepted into the mainstream

See recent Linux Journal for a card that's supportable by
Linux w/o proprietary drivers or go with a distrib (e.g.
Ubuntu or Xandros or Knoppix) that doesn't mind distributing
non-free modules.

It should not surprise you that corporate distrutions might
have drivers included that DFSG-free distribs would not.

According to Jim Crossley,
> I recently installed Ubuntu 5.0.4, and my wireless card (D-Link
> DWL-G650) just worked.
> I then installed Debian 3.1, and found that it ignored my wireless
> card.  Googling a bit left me with the impression that getting Debian
> to recognize my card is relatively complicated, e.g.
> http://www.marlow.dk/site.php/tech/madwifi
> http://www.ituprising.com/howto/dlink_dwlg650.html
> Do I really have to do this or is there an easier way?
> TIA,
> Jim
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