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Re: Anyone got SSH over HTTP working?

On 7/12/05, Julian Gilbey <jdg@polya.uklinux.net> wrote:
> I'm going to be working in a school which sits behind a nasty
> firewall: it will not allow outbound SSH traffic.  (And it appears
> that they are filtering based on protocol, not only on port number :/ )
> I'd like to be able to ssh to my home machine, and I can use putty as
> a terminal program, but only if I could teach it to use an HTTP
> protocol.  Yuck.
> Does anyone have any ideas if this is feasible?  Or another idea for
> how to do this?

I've done this. (in essance)

I have a squid proxy at home running on port 80, it is configured to
allow HTTPS/CONNECT requests from IPs that I provide.

Using that, I can use putty's proxy settings to connect using an

Basically when Putty connects, any firewall will assume it's a regular
https request and in most cases, they're allowed.

~ Darryl  ~ smartssa@gmail.com
http://smartssa.com / http://darrylclarke.com

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